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Fun Stuff1 Fun Stuff1 Fun Stuff1 Fun Stuff1 find the rabbit in the moon
Our rabbit has found himself sitting on a star and wants to be back on the moon where he lives.

The star is pointing the right way to the moon but which point of the star is it?  See if you can find out by clicking each point, bet you can’t do it first time!
How do you fancy playing in a band?
With the courtesy of Colgate, Dr Rabbit is inviting you to audition for a place in his band!

Click on the white rabbit for
a chance to play an instrument....
Guess who this is??
Is this a Chinese Warrior
or a Roman Legionary?

(Move your pointer over the soldier)

Pictures courtesy of -  (Roman)
and - (Chinese Warrior)

Scottish Borders
rabbit games with doctor rabbit
Find the
Scottish Borders

The moon rabbit story begins in a town called Peebles which is in the Scottish Borders.

Where on the map of the UK is the Scottish Borders region situated?

Click on the circle where you think they are.......
click the jolly buddha
For Moon Rabbit’s
unfunny bunny jokes
Fun Stuff3